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“Gyanbindu helped me tremendously with yoga therapy in the year following my fathers death. The grief and sadness and depression were so profound that I found myself unbalanced and unable to do much of anything. Gyanbindu’s compassion and deep knowledge guided our sessions and I began to feel lighter and lighter. I highly recommend her private sessions for any health or emotional issue you are struggling with. My gratitude to you Gyanbindu.” ~ Melissa Pickell


What is yoga therapy?

While most yoga is therapeutic, yoga therapy is the art and science of a yoga therapist selecting a series of practices and techniques to meet the needs an individual’s physical and mental health conditions.

A certified and qualified yoga therapist has a deep understanding of the anatomical and physiological effects of yoga and meditation techniques. This knowledge is then applied in a practical and tangible way to manage, alleviate and even reverse particular health issues.


How does yoga therapy bring healing to health conditions?

Yoga therapy begins with a phone consult and detailed question/answer intake process with a yoga therapist, of what brings a person to yoga therapy. Information is gathered regarding health history, personal goals and lifestyle habits. A program is then designed based on the initial consult, then adapted and refined in each session.

Yoga therapy has been proven extremely effective in offering a holistic approach for optimal health and healing.

Yoga therapists are trained to work in partnership with health care providers (physicians, physical therapists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists) ensuring safe and effective parameters are met for a specific condition.


What conditions is yoga therapy able to help?

While Gyanbindu’s expertise is in yoga therapy for anxiety, insomnia and trauma recovery, her clients have experienced relief from the following issues: joint pain, musculoskeletal injuries, respiratory conditions, hyper/hypothyroid, cardiovascular disease, depression, multiple sclerosis, pain relief, slipped disc and sciatica.


In-home and Skype sessions are available.