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Yoga Nidra: Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation meditation that dissolves tension and renews physical and mental energy.



Inner Silence: This practice that allows us to observe our thoughts and gain clarity of mind, and promotes healthy relationships with our self and others.


Prana Nidra: Prana Nidra restores energetic balance and brings harmony, relaxation, and balance to our body.


Yoga Kids Relax: Story-based imagination meditations for kids of all ages.

Meditation Music:


A morning musical journey for meditation and movement, featuring santoorist Dan Blanchard. CD only: $15

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Bihar School of Yoga Books:


Yogic Management of Cancer:

Yogic Management of Cancer explains cancer and its causes from a scientific and yogic perspective. Guidance is offered in applying yogic tools to help manage cancer and the effects of conventional treatments. $20




Prana and Pranayama:

Prana and Pranayama is a comprehensive text on the classical philosophy of prana (energy). It provides a complete description of the science of pranayama (energy based breathing practices) as prepared in the classical texts and as taught in the Satyananda Yoga tradition by Bihar School Of Yoga.