Do you want to reduce stress?

Learn the Art and Science of RELAXATION

Art: the application and expression to create and influence the senses, emotions, imagination and intellect.
In art class we learn the different tools to create an effect ~ pencil catches detail, charcoal creates contrast, pastel for blending.

Science is knowledge attained through study, practice and experimentation.

In science class we learn chemistry (the identity and relationship of substances), biology (life and its organisms), physics (nature and properties of matter and energy)

What is LARGELY missed is: the Art and Science of RELAXATION ~ the releasing of accumulated tension in the body and in the mind. This is what we learn in YOGA CLASS.

There are several techniques within the Satyananda system of yoga (the tradition of yoga instructed at All Elements) to bring about a state of relaxation. Specific tools and practices are utilized and developed, bringing strength and energy to our total being in a joyful and relaxed way.

It has been scientifically proven that relaxation is necessary to revitalize the body and mind. Relaxation allows us to recoup physical and mental energy and strength allowing us to feel refreshed with a renewed perspective.

Relaxation is essential for the body and mind to work optimally. Most of us have tension filled days and hectic lives. In order to properly rest, relaxation is required. Many people however, do not relax during rest or sleep because the mind remains overactive, continuing to worry and trying to solve problems. Due to this continued tension, the body and mind do not rest. Too often people go to bed without releasing accumulated tensions and wake feeling exhausted. Continued exhaustion and tensions lower immunity, resulting in disease.

The biggest obstacle in overcoming fatigue is to make and take time to relax. Fatigue is the body’s warning sign that you need to rest. A brief relaxation will rejuvenate the body and mind, offer fresh perspectives and increase both physical and mental efficiency and productivity. One very useful method is the practice of – you guessed it – YOGA! Yoga aims to merge the body and mind into a harmonious whole, resulting in physical and mental energy and strength. The classes offered at All Elements Yoga offer several different techniques to bring the art and science of relaxation back into life. Whether tensions are physical, mental or emotional, your yoga practice has the potential to relax the body and calm the mind. You are doing it in class at All Elements: Yoga Nidra. Abdominal breathing. Bhramari. Aum chanting. Asana synchronized with breath.

Learn and practice the arts and sciences… the Arts and Sciences of RELAXATION.

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