The Yoga of Awareness

Self Observation

Part Two:


In June 2012, we continued to delve deeper into our practice of the Yoga of Awareness, exploring the more subtle aspects of self observation to heighten self perception. Our yoga practice doesn’t conclude with class, but continues as we aspire to be ‘yogic’ in daily life.

We intend to LIVE yoga. We continue our journey with…


1. Awareness of Positive and Negative Attitudes
The attitude with which we  approach life (other people, situations, experiences) shapes our outlook. Can we notice those moments of having a positive or negative attitude or outlook?

By simply taking notice whether we have a positive or negative attitude towards our actions, other people, situations and even ourselves is a valuable learning tool towards better understanding ourselves and the inner workings of our mind. The more we can understand the inner workings of our mind, the easier it becomes in making healthy change.

2. Awareness of the Mind’s Activity
Most of us have a sense of our daily activities… we go to work, the bank, eat dinner… but do we have a sense of the activity of our mind? Specifically can we recognize our patterns of thoughts?

By taking the time to notice the activity in the mind, we open to the opportunity of self knowledge towards overall well being.

3. Awareness of Reacting vs. Responding
Have you ever reacted to a person or in a situation that you later wished you could take back? Sometimes just giving ourselves a few moments to consider what we’re about to say or what we’re about to do can make a world of difference. This is the yoga of awareness.

We endeavor to ‘respond’ rather than ‘react.’ If we just step back and take a few moments to consider how our actions and words affect others, we can respond in a a more thoughtful, mindful and proactive way.

As we become more aware of ourselves – our attitudes, the activity in the mind, and whether we tend to react rather than respond – we gain valuable insight as to how we can best make conscious changes towards a healthier way of being.

Saraswati, Swami Vimalratna. Sullivan, Bernard. Yoga with Attitude. Sydney. Southwest Press. Practical Wellbeing. 2006.

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