The Yoga of Awareness

Self Evolution


In September, 2012, we continued our Yoga of Awareness practice and explored our own process of self evolution.

How have we changed?

In what ways have we remained the same?

Our yoga practice doesn’t conclude with class, but continues as we aspire to live a yogic life.


1. Self Evolution: Physical Well-Being

How has our physical well being changed in recent days, weeks, months and years? What choices do we make in daily life that has a positive or negative effect on our physical health and well being?

As we reflect on what we do that nourishes or depletes our physical well being, we can take action to incorporate more positive changes into our everyday life.

2. Self Evolution: Our Actions
What positive or negative action have we taken in recent days and weeks? Is how we act, react and respond today any different than actions we have taken 1 year ago? 5 years ago? 10 years ago?

If any actions are different than those of the past, what, if anything, could you attribute to the change? Can you challenge yourself to ensure positive actions outweigh negative actions?

3. Self Evolution: Our Fears
What fears have arisen in recent days, weeks and months? Are these new fears or old fears? What, if anything, could you attribute to the fear?

Often it is our fears that limit us in life. If we challenge ourselves to, in small ways, chip away at one fear, we lessen the grasp that fear has on our life.

Perhaps set a sankalpa (positive affirmation) to overcome that fear. Maybe write your thoughts and feelings of and around that fear and examine what comes up around that fear.

The more we understand and accept the fears that limit us, the easier it becomes to be free of them.

4. Self Evolution: Our Emotions
Expanding from the specific emotion of fear to the broader concept of all emotions… Notice: What emotions predominately come up in recent days, weeks and months?

What thoughts or situations can be attributed to the onset of our emotions? What ways do our emotions affect our physical state? Our mental well being? Our thoughts? Our actions?

As we step back from our emotions and notice how they affect us, we are one step closer to managing them in a healthy way.

These few steps can help us to better understand ourselves, how much we have changed over the years and what other aspects of ourselves we wish to change.

Hari Om Tat Sat!

© Copyright 2012 – All Elements Yoga – Gail Seckrettar

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