Mindful Moments

Ways we can be more mindful in daily life…

Part Two:

“My path is the path of stopping, the path of enjoying the present moment. It is a path where every step brings me back to my true home.”
~ Tich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen Buddhist Monk



When we can be completely aware of what we are experiencing in the present moment, we are being mindful. Our practice is to recognize when we are on auto-pilot and pay attention to this moment.

Our mindfulness practice continues…


4. Being Mindful of our Thoughts
How often are we caught up in thought that we miss what is happening in the moment?

How often do we not even realize we’ve been caught up in thought?

One of the ways we endeavor to mindful in daily life is to be the watchful observer and activity of the mind. When is there more noise in the mind? When is there silence? When is there clutter? When is there clarity?

When we notice the activity of the mind, we are one step closer to better managing our mind.


5. Patterns of Thought
Do we manage our minds or does our mind manage us?

Our mindfulness practice continues with our awareness directed to: What is our inner monologue? What do we think about most? What patterns of thought keep us from being fully present?

With this awareness, we bring negative thought patterns from the subconscious and unconscious mind to the surface for creating positive and healthy change.


6. Mind Food
What do you feed your mind? Our mind (like our body) is something we need to take care of, monitor, clean and purge of negative, damaging or hurtful thoughts.

Take the time to give your mind healthy food like love, care, compassion and patience.

We grow what we sow. The more we sow healthy seeds in the mind, the more our mind will serve us to reach our highest potential.


7. Meditation
The ultimate technique in being more mindful in daily life is with meditation practice. When we establish a regular meditation practice, we naturally begin to better manage our mind by recognizing when our mind is working against us and towards our mind working with us and for us.

Even just 10 minutes of daily meditation practice can help us develop being a ‘relaxed witness’ to the states of our mind.

When we develop this awareness, we are able to reduce mental turmoil because we are more in touch with our experience in the moment rather than the expectation of the mind.

In this way, we are able to live healthier and happier lives.


Hari Om Tat Sat

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