Mindful Moments

Ways we can be more mindful in daily life…
Part One:

“Mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it.”
~ Sharon Salzberg, Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation


Mindfulness is the capability to be aware of what we are experiencing in the present moment. How often are we paying attention to this moment in daily life? How often are we on auto-pilot?

Mindfulness is a way we can be in touch with our experience in the present moment and appreciate the wonder and beauty in life.

With continued practice, mindfulness can lead to being less judgmental of ourselves and others. When we are able to notice things as they are right now, we may find ourselves taking less things in life for granted.

Mindfulness practices can be helpful in dealing with the stresses of life more effectively.

When we can acknowledge and accept the present moment as it is, we are one step closer to reducing mental turmoil.
Here are a few practices to get you started:


1. Being Mindful of our Physical Body
How do we treat our body?
How do we move it? Hold it?
What environments to we expose it to?
How do we fuel it?
How do we care for or harm it?

One way to bring more mindfulness to our daily life is to be aware of our physical body.

Be mindful and aware of our physical body allows us to fully experience our physical internal wisdom.


2. Being Mindful of our Breath
The average person takes over 21,000 breaths per day. How many of those breaths do you notice in your own body?

How we breathe is directly related to our levels of health, stress and mental well being.

If we take time to simply notice our breathing, we can shift stress into ease and anxiety into calm.

This can be done by simply being mindful of our breath. Anchor the mind to the breath. Notice the depth, the rhythm, pace and which parts of your body move with your breath.

In this way, we bring more mindfulness to the very essence that keeps us alive, healthy and calm ~ the breath.


3. Mindful Movement with the Breath
In yoga class at All Elements, we often synchronize movement with breath. When our breath guides our movement, we move in a more relaxed and efficient way.

In daily life, try to be mindful of allowing the breath to guide your movement. Notice the profound impact of this simple mindfulness practice in bringing balance in the body and balance in the mind.

Hari Om Tat Sat

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