Patience and Impatience


“Patience is having respect for the present moment.”
~ Rob Burbea, guiding teacher of Buddhist meditation


What is our capacity to accept or tolerate difficulties, delays and troubles without getting upset, angry or annoyed? Are we quickly irritated, provoked or feel a restless eagerness?

Our acceptance or non-acceptance is the experience of patience or impatience.

As we endeavor to cultivate patience, we can use the four week awareness practices below to deepen our understanding of ourselves.
Week One: Noticing Impatience
Can we notice when feelings and thoughts of impatience arise and why? When there is impatience, are we blaming a person, an object or the situation? What is impatience when we go deeper into it?

When experiencing impatience, shine the light of attention to it. What about that moment is so terrible? And, is there a beauty, a lesson or a gem of wisdom in that moment? In this way, impatience can then become a time of possibility rather than a time of suffering.
Week Two: The Moment Before Impatience
What happens in the moment(s) before our experience of impatience arises? Is there an expectation? A memory? Anticipation? What is feeding impatience and can we soften around it? This week, take a mindful approach to learn about the triggers of impatience.
Week Three: The Influence of Others
Do we let the impatience of others affect our calm, peace and health?
What ways or tools do we use to not take on the impatience of others? Do we vent? Laugh? Focus on our breath? Maybe cultivate a feeling of compassion for the impatient person? Perhaps we set an intention or affirmation?

During week three, notice any tendency to take on other people’s impatience and what tools help to feed qualities of patience.

Week Four: Reflection
Take time to reflect on your inner work and self study regarding patience and impatience. What did you learn? What are your responses, reactions, thoughts and emotional patterns around patience and impatience? What are the triggers? What are the tools?

When we are established in our experience of self understanding, we are better able to bring about the change needed to move from anguish of impatience to the peace of patience.

Hari Om Tat Sat

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