SWAN Meditation In-depth…

In the previous blog post, the practice of SWAN meditation was introduced. SWAN is an acronym for: Strengths, Weaknesses, Ambitions and Needs and is a meditation practice to help us understand and accept ourselves.


Now that we have identified our Strengths, Weaknesses, Ambitions and Needs, we can explore SWAN in-depth for clarity and understanding in managing the mind.


Week 1: Strengths In-depth
Review each strength and consider the following questions:
How do I know I have this strength? Which are part of my genetic makeup and which have I developed? Which are real and which are wishful thinking? Which strengths can I use to overcome my weaknesses and support my ambitions?
Week 2: Weaknesses In-depth
Review each weakness and consider these questions:
Which weaknesses can I turn into strengths or use in a positive way? For example, stubbornness can be seen as persistence or tenacity and channeled positively? Which strengths can I use to overcome a specific weakness? Can I accept my weaknesses?
Week 3: Ambitions In-depth
Review each ambition and ask:
Which ambitions are practical and achievable? Look at the roots of the ambition – where does it originate? Which ambitions are expectations of family or society? Do ambitions change according to age, circumstances and life experience?
Week 4: Needs In-depth
Review each need and consider:
Which are my real needs, and which are concepts or expectations of other people or society? How can I provide for specific needs?


By exploring the deeper aspects of SWAN meditation practice, we gain a greater understanding of the different levels of our personality and can begin to integrate positive changes in a healthy and harmonious way.

Part 3 of SWAN meditation continues in the next AEY blog post. Stay tuned (in)!

Hari Om Tat Sat

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