Managing Energy



Everything that exists is a manifestation of energy. How we use or misuse this energy can have positive or negative influences on our health and well-being.
Once we are aware of the different influences (physical and mental) on our energy, we can consciously control this energy to enhance vitality, will-power, strength and health.


The Environment
Take time to notice any influence of different environments on your energy levels. Perhaps how a crowded supermarket compares with a solitary walk in nature. Which environments positively or negatively affect physical or mental energy?
Times of Day
Are there certain times of day when you feel tired and other times of day when you feel more energized? When we have an awareness of our energy levels throughout the day, we can choose tasks and activities that best support our natural body rhythm.
The Breath
How we breathe has an influence on our energy levels. Which parts of your body move with your breath? We can relax more by breathing in/out of the abdomen and increase our energy by directing the breath in/out the chest/thoracic region.
Nostril Flow
A more open/closed nostril can have an influence on our energy. When the right nostril is predominate, it is easier to engage in physical and extroverted activities. When the left nostril if predominate, it is easier to engage in mental and introverted activities. When both nostrils flow equally, there is a sense of balance.
Mental Factors
Our state of mind can directly affect how we breathe as well as our energy levels. Notice how different states of mind like ease, peace, positive outlook, restlessness, anger and depression influence your breath and your energy.
Our Relationships
Are there certain relationships and connections that elevate energy levels and others that deplete them? Once we notice how different relationships have either an uplifting or energy draining influence, we can use the tools listed above to shift draining relationships to fulfilling ones.
Hari Om Tat Sat
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