A Life in Balance ~ Part One


“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.”


Some time ago, a student shared that yoga lends balance to the volatile daily pace that his work and personal life create.

We may not realize we need balance until something is out of balance, like our health, mental state, relationships or emotions.


In Part One of “A Life in Balance,” we explore ways to live a more balanced life.


1. Balance of Body

Direct your attention to your physical body in how you stand, how you hold your body and how you move it. Is your weight balanced evenly between your right and left side? Is there a tendency to lean forward or back? Is one side of the body used more than the other?

Observe any imbalance in your physical structure to bring unconscious physical disparities back into balance.


2. Balance the Breath

At some point in the day, be mindful of your breath. For the next minutes, breathe in a 1:1 ratio. Mentally count the length of the inhalation and match it to your exhalation.

How we breathe is directly related to our levels of health, stress and mental well being. Considering we take (on average) about 21,000 breaths per day, we can use the breath as an opportunity to create a life in balance.


3. Relationships

The people we have some form of a relationship with can affect our balance. Be aware of the balance or imbalance of your relationships and interactions with others. What effect do your relationships have on your overall well-being?


4. Emotions

Emotions can have a direct influence on how we feel, act and think. What emotions arise within you? What emotions arise from the people around you? Do different emotional states offset your experience of balance?


The more we can understand what influences our state of balance, the easier it is to have a “Life in Balance.”

Check back for next month’s post on “A Life in Balance ~ Part Two.”


Hari Om Tat Sat


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