Coming Home – Part One



“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”
~ Jim Rohn


How often do we pay attention, listen to and nourish our body, the physical form we live in 24/7?


In Part One of “Coming Home,” we challenge ourselves over the next 6 weeks to pay attention to our body home.



Week 1: Sensations in the Body

In the first week, take a few minutes each day, mentally scan through your body. Notice any sensations. Notice if the mind skips over certain parts of your body and connects easily to other parts. What do you experience with mindfulness centered on the body?


Week 2: Come Home to the Pause

When engaged in an activity (reading, working, eating, cleaning)… STOP….just pause for a few moments. In this stillness, tune into your body. A tightness? Release. Stress? Let it go.

When we stop and inhabit the pause during week 2, we can release dis-ease in the body before it becomes disease.


Week 3: Come Home to the Moment

How often are we caught up in thought that we largely neglect to check in with our body? Mind not present? Come back to the body and take a few moments to observe how your body is feeling.

The more we “Come Home to the Moment” in week 3, the easier it is to manage stress or tension in the body.


Week 4: What do you see?

When you look at your body (your home), what do you see? Do you see the many ways it serves you like breathing, digestion, activity participation? Do you see the strengths of your body?

During week 4, pay attention to what you see when you look at your body home and appreciate the many ways it serves you in daily life.


Week 5: How do you treat your body home?

In week 5, notice how you treat your body. Is there a tendency to push beyond your physical limits or acceptance of what your body can and cannot do? Does the mind have too high or low expectations of your body’s capabilities?

Challenge yourself to treat your body honorably and with acceptance.


Week 6: Body Talk

Throughout week 6, notice how you talk to your body. What do you say to your body mentally or verbally? Do you talk to your body like you would a loved one or an enemy?

Our practice will continue in next month’s blog post with Part Two of “Coming Home.”

Hari Om Tat Sat

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