Coming Home Part Two




“My body is a precious temple and I treat it with respect.”
~Louise Hay

In Part Two of “Coming Home,” we endeavor to have a deeper understanding of the physical form we live in 24/7… our body home.





Week 7: Unconditional Friendliness

This week, set an intention to be unconditionally friendly to your body. Treat your body like you would a good friend.


Week 8: Gratitude and Appreciation

Find or name at least 3 things about your body that you love, appreciate or are grateful for. Throughout the week, recognize the ways your body serves you well!


Week 9: Just Experience

Can you allow yourself to just experience your body? In this process, can you allow the tension as well as the ease to be there? The strength as well as the weakness? In week 9, just experience your body home.


Week 10: Thank You Body…

Take time to scan through your body and appreciate all that your body does for you. Either aloud or mentally, repeat: “Thank you body, for allowing me to enjoy this day.”

Our body does so much for us each day. Throughout the week, give thanks to your body home.


Week 11: Positive Affirmation

Take a few moments each day and either aloud or mentally repeat, “I am comfortable, grateful for and at home in my body.”

This week, truly honor your body home.


Week 12: Reflection

Our practice of “Coming Home” culminates this 12th week:

Take a few moments and reflect on what you’ve learned during these past 11 weeks of “Coming Home” challenges. What positive shifts and changes have you made towards your body, the home you live in 24/7?


Our true home is not in New York, California or Colorado. Our true home is in every step… every breath… and with us every moment.


Hari Om Tat Sat

© Copyright 2015 – All Elements Yoga – Gail Seckrettar

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