Curiosità (Part 2)


Curiosità:…a curious approach to life and quest for continuous learning


The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding .”
~Leonardo da Vinci


In Part Two of Curiosità, we deepen our inner understanding of the first of seven DaVincian principles in effort to reconnect with our higher truth…


In weeks 5-8 of practicing Curiosità, try to consider each question for one week and note whether your answers change throughout the week or if they remain the same.


5. How do I most connect and relate to the world around me?


6. Who inspires me? How can I begin to integrate their positive qualities into my life?


7. Am I living the life I pictured for yourself or dreaming of something even bigger?


8. How am I perceived by diff people in my life? Closest friend, enemy, boss, children, co-workers, etc. How would I like to be perceived?


On the quest of self-study, note your observances of curiosità!


Hari Om Tat Sat

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