Curiosità (Part 3)


Curiosità:…a curious approach to life and quest for continuous learning


“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than the mastery of oneself.”
~Leonardo da Vinci

This blog post was inspired while reading the book, “How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci” by Michael J. Gelb. This practice of “Curiosità” is very much like gyan yoga, the yoga of self-study.


In Part 3 (weeks 9-13) of practicing Curiosità, try to consider each question for one week and note whether your answers change throughout the week or if they remain the same.


9. What is my greatest passion? How can I use what I am passionate about to help or inspire others?


10. What is one positive thing I could do today for another person? What is one positive thing I could do today for myself?


11. What is something I have always dreamed of doing? When will I allow myself to do what I dream?


12. What are the blessings of my life? What am I grateful for?


13. Reflect: What have I learned in my practice of Curiosità?


Observations and insights from the practice of Curiosità allow us to deepen our self-awareness, self-knowledge and inner-understanding.


Hari Om Tat Sat

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