Dimostrazione: (Part 1)


Dimostrazione: a commitment to test knowledge through experience, persistence and a willingness to learn from mistakes.


“All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions. ”
Leonardo daVinci

This blog post was inspired while reading the book, “How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci” by Michael J. Gelb.

The second da Vincian principle, “Dimostrazione”, is very much like gyan yoga, the yoga of self-study.


Dimostrazione offers us the opportunity to question and challenge our long-standing opinions, assumptions and beliefs so we can continue to grow in wisdom and towards self-realization.


Take one week to consider each question based on your life experiences.

1. How do I act or react to my mistakes? How do I act or react to the mistakes of others?


2. Do I learn more from my success or my failures? Which has more of an impact towards healthy change?


3. How do I react or respond to adversity? How can I be more resilient when faced with adversity?


4. What do I do when I face an obstacle? How do I know when to overcome and when to relinquish efforts?


In considering and testing our knowledge through life experience, we grow and transform more deeply into our true selves and into the heart of wisdom.

Hari Om Tat Sat

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