Sensazione: (Part 5)


Sensazione: refinement of the senses for present moment awareness and to enliven experience


“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.”

~Leonardo da Vinci

Our sense of hearing allows us to communicate, learn and experience the world around us. Our ears never stop hearing, even when we’re asleep! Use this ability to your advantage as our “Sensazione” practice completes with the sense of hearing…


Week 1: This week, pause for a few moments each day and practice layered listening. Notice the obvious as well as the subtle sounds around you.


Week 2: This week, practice “active listening.” Listen for patterns of sound in nature, in music, in the environment. Notice the tension and release, the rhythm and harmony. Tune into the complimentary contrasts of sound.


Week 3: This week, pause for a few moments each day and tune into your body’s internal sounds… your breath, heart beat, digestion.  What is your body communicating to you through sound?


Week 4: This week, listen for silence. For a few moments each day, notice the silence Be present with a pause in a conversation, the space between the sounds, the stillness of silence.


Week 5: Shh…. this week, practice verbal fasting For one day, or a few waking hours, experiment a day in silence. Don’t talk. Just listen. Verbal fasting strengthens our ability to listen deeply and refreshes the spirit.


Hari Om Tat Sat


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