Sfumato Part 1:

Sfumato: embracing ambiguity & uncertainty


“In time and with water, everything changes.”

~Leonardo da Vinci

“Sfumato” is the 4th da Vincian principle, and an opportunity to explore our willingness or resistance to embrace change and uncertainty.

Literally, Sfumato means “going up in smoke” or “turned into mist.” From a yogic perspective, we can ask ourselves:  “Can I keep poise in the face of paradox?” Here are some ways to develop a level of ease in times of uncertainty…


Week 1: This week, consider your tolerance or intolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty. On a 1-10 scale where  1 is complete intolerance and 10 is full acceptance, where do you rate?


Week 2: Based on your scale rating from week 1, consider what thought pattern or behavior you could change or slightly alter to be a little more accepting of “Sfumato.”


Week 3: This week, reflect and consider: What or who causes the greatest sense of uncertainty or ambivalence in your life?


Week 4: List and briefly describe 1 or 2 situations in life where ambiguity currently resides. Is there acceptance or frustration of the situation?


Week 5: This week, describe the feelings of ambiguity and uncertainty… where in your body do you experience it? What is the shape, color, smell, taste and sound of “Sfumato?”


Week 6: Throughout the week, be aware of how you respond, act or react to ambiguity. What thoughts, feelings or emotions arise when uncertainty is present?


In the next blog post, Part 2 of “Sfumato.”


Hari Om Tat Sat

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