Corporalitá Part 1:


Corporalitá: the cultivation of grace, ambidexterity, fitness and poise as an approach to health and mind/body connection.


“If anyone wishes to see how the soul dwells in its body, let him observe how this body uses its daily habitation…”

~ Leonardo daVinci


“Corporalitá” is the 6th da Vincian principle, and offers us the opportunity of a comprehensive approach towards health. We can do this through the assessment of our mind-body connection.

In this 3-part, 16 week challenge, we can practice the many ways in which we can have a sound mind in a sound body.


Week 1: In this first week of “Corporalitá”, notice how often you engage in a physical activity (walking, gardening, hiking, etc.) Tune into how you feel before, during and after this activity.


Week 2: Take time to recognize areas of strength (physically, mentally, emotionally) and any areas you wish to build strength.


Week 3: In week 3, notice areas of physical and mental rigidity. In what ways can the body and mind become more flexible?


Week 4: Each day this week, notice areas of physical and mental tension, physical and mental relaxation. Can you connect a cause or reason to the experience?


Week 5: Throughout week 5, notice how your physical state and posture affect your attitude and outlook or life.


In the next blog post, part 2 of “Corporalitá.”


Hari Om Tat Sat

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