The Mantra Om/Aum

What is Aum/Om and why do we chant 3? Aum/Om: The universal mantra. Mantra - in its simplest form - is pure sound vibration which helps free the mind from its limitations. What is a limitation of the mind? Thinking the world is flat was once a limitation of the mind. An apple falling from the tree and thinking the sky is falling is a limitation of the mind. 60 years ago, one could not imagine a computer weighing less than 20 tons. Limited thinking indeed! Even those thoughts of "I'm not good enough" or "I could never achieve that" is a limitation of the mind. Don't let yourself get caught in a limited thinking mind! Aum is a core mantra, meaning, it is the vibration of creation manifested as sound. By chanting Aum, we connect from our limitiations to our possibilities, from our current state of  being to our higher potential, from the "I" or "me," to the "us" and "we." From the individual consciousness, feel yourself [...]

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