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Gail helped me tremendously with yoga therapy in the year following my father’s death. The grief and sadness and depression were so profound that I found myself unbalanced and unable to do much of anything. Gail’s compassion and deep knowledge guided our sessions and I began to feel lighter and lighter. I highly recommend her private sessions for any health or emotional issue you are struggling with. My gratitude to you Gail.
Melissa Pickell – Registered Dietitian

“I came to All Elements Yoga for help with PTSD two months after my husband’s suicide. I started to experience emotional healing right away, and after two years of working with Gail in classes and private sessions, I’m feeling better than ever. Gail’s knowledge and patience has been paramount throughout this process. As a bonus, the practices I have learned with Gail have also brought healing to a herniated disc in my back. I highly recommend All Elements Yoga to anyone who would like to cultivate emotional, mental, and physical health. It is a very friendly and nonjudgmental environment, and all who come (no matter how much or little yoga experience they have had) find it to be a very welcoming place.”
Lynda – Professional Musician

“Working with Gail is transformative. When I started sessions, I was on high doses of anxiety and depression medications, and struggling with sexual assault flashbacks. After one week, I went from multiple flashbacks a day to two within a single week. Currently, I have no flashbacks and I have cut my medication down to a quarter of what I was taking six months ago. My emotional, mental, and physical health is the best it has ever been through understanding and managing my wellness with tools and lifestyle shifts I learned from Gail. To say that I am grateful is an understatement. I am incredibly thankful for what I have learned thus far, and for the first time in my life I feel that I am actively engaging in self-care that is improving my quality of life.” Kristin – Professional Musician 

“I first met Gail as part of a cardiac rehabilitation program following a sudden heart attack at the age of 56. Her passionate teaching and support during that nine-week program – and in personal yoga sessions thereafter – played a huge part in the many healthy changes I have since made in my personal life. After a thoughtful and focused initial consult, she tailored numerous practices specific to my needs, all of which have improved my physical and emotional well-being, reduced my stress levels, and gave me the tools to achieve longer and more restful sleep. Even in larger class settings she gives her focus and attention to each and every student. The encouragement, spirituality, optimism and sheer joy she brings to every session – whether group or private – are infectious and never fail to leave me lighter, more relaxed, and determined to follow her example.” Bob Engelhart ~ Attorney

In just one session I experience the deep peace and comfort of having a yoga class tailored exactly to my current needs. It was a blessing and an inspiration.”
Ingrid Johnson – Parenting Coach


“For my frozen shoulder and constant pain in my arms , the yogic practices that Gail demonstrated and advised me to continue with has helped a lot in overcoming my problem. Arm pain is totally gone and shoulders are more than 90% recovered. I am extremely thankful.
Ranjan Sinha- Employee at India Railways

“Yoga with Gail is transformational. Her deep knowledge of the practices and her gift for teaching combine to provide a true healing experience. Each of her sessions is imbued with a power that opens the heart, strengthens the body, calms the mind and lifts the spirit. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants more vibrant health.”
Robin L. Schiesser – Licensed Acupuncturist


“Yoga class with Gail is always an amazing experience. Her calm and confident presence creates the perfect atmosphere for exercise and relaxation. I leave sessions feeling clear, connected and strong.”
Cori Chavez – Filmmaker


“I always look forward to my private yoga session with Gail. I feel so relaxed afterwards, which is important to me because my main goal is stress reduction. I’m excited by my flexibility progress in triangle pose, I never thought my back and sides would become more flexible. Gail always tailors my session to my needs that day. If I’m sick, she gives me just the right asanas to support my immune system, or if I have lots of energy she gives me a challenging and fun session. I especially love that Gail treats all of me, using a holistic approach through poses (asanas), breathwork (pranayama), meditation and chanting. She’s the best!”
Sarah Eley – Fitness & Nutrition Coach


“On an August afternoon, I was riding my bike home from work when a CU student pulled out right in front of me. I flipped over the car’s hood and landed hard. I tried to stand up but couldn’t move, and then my breath left me, replaced by a wall of pain. I had broken my pelvis, one of my ribs, and one of my vertebrae. My shoulder was dislocated. Two of my discs had been knocked out of place and ruptured, the ligament that holds them in place torn. I stayed 5 days in the hospital where they taught me how to use a walker. I was 32 years old and had to re-learn how to walk.

When I got out, my HMO sent a physical therapist to my house. He said that my injuries were beyond his training. After a few weeks more of bed rest, I went to the head of the physical therapy department at my HMO’s main clinic. Those two torn and leaking disks pressed against my spinal cord, sending constant twitches and lightning bolts of sciatic pain down both legs. The physical therapist was very good at her job, and very frustrated that she could not help me more. After a few sessions, she too told me that my body’s injuries- specifically the spinal cord injury- was beyond what she could do for me, and she feared making me worse. Surgery seemed like the only option. I was told that about 50% of the time, this type of surgery helped long-term, and that there was always the risk of paralysis. So I started looking for other options.

I met Gail at a holistic health fair, and she seemed almost delusionally optimistic. Walking with a cane at that point, I asked her if she was even willing to take someone like me on- someone with a still-acute spinal cord injury. She said yes. I had never tried yoga before, and certainly didn’t think of it as physical therapy. But Gail was willing to describe her proposed regimen to my team of doctors, and they were all reassured by her understanding of the types of movements that my spine simply had to avoid, lest the cord be injured worse.

That was about a year ago. Today, I don’t even walk with a limp. Gail worked out a long-term plan and it has played out beautifully. During my first private yoga session, I could not even stand on my own two feet without holding onto a chair. Today I can do one footed balancing poses for minutes at a time. I even managed to avoid a $20,000 surgery they would have simply removed the two injured disks- by doing 1-to-1 sessions three times weekly. A recent MRI has shown that Gailʼs yoga practices have actually caused my ruptured discs to begin retracting back to where they belong. There is no way I would be at my current level of healing if not for Gail’s patience, wisdom, individual attention, and guidance.”
Dr. Michael VanElzakker – Neuroscience Researcher


“My sessions were powerfully relaxing in a way that left me with a deep calm and sense of well being. I felt so much more centered and fortified with a inner peace which allow me to appreciate my life and handle my life in a more satisfying, accepting and calm manner. I felt more present and in tune with my body during my sessions and afterward.”
Robin Allegra – Artist & Homemaker