The Yoga of Awareness

Self Observation Part Three:   In August 2012, we continued our Yoga of Awareness practice and explored the more subtle aspects of self observation. Our yoga practice continues as we aspire to be ‘yogic’ in daily life.     1. Boundaries ~ Promoting harmony or chaos? Certain boundaries promote harmony and limit chaos ~ like, the dividing line down the middle of the road indicating which side to drive on - though not necessarily true in India. Notice the boundaries we set or don't set ~ do they promote harmony or discord? 2. Self Critical vs. Self Acceptance When we look at ourselves in the mirror and in life's situations, what do we see? Is our self perception influenced by being overly self critical? Notice if/when we are too self critical and mentally repeat, "I accept myself in this moment." Shift self criticism to self acceptance. When we gracefully acknowledge and accept ourselves in those moments of being overly self critical, we open ourselves towards a healthier way [...]

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