The Yoga of Awareness

Self Observation Part One: May 2012 was the introduction of one component of the yoga of awareness: Self Observation.   Each week, we explored a particular facet as a tool to heighten perception of ourselves.   1. Awareness of Physical Actions How often are we caught up in thought that our body moves automatically and without our conscious awareness? Choose one physical activity in daily life ~ standing, walking, grocery shopping, etc. and be consciously aware of the physical body in that activity. Notice your posture, how your body moves, how your weight is distributed and be fully aware of your physical actions. 2. Awareness of the Senses Smell, taste, touch, sight and sound. How often are we aware of our senses in the moment? Choose one physical activity in daily life ~ maybe it's brushing your teeth, washing the dishes or cooking a meal and be consciously aware and fully present with your senses in that activity. Make an ordinary experience extraordinary! 3. Awareness of Thoughts "We [...]

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