Nada Yoga: The Yoga of Sound

Nada is the music without the keys, the sounds without the strings - Nada is the inner music that pervades our whole being. In the same way that the fragrance is in the flower and the reflection is in the mirror, so the Nada (Sound) is within you. Seek it in your own Self... Nada is translated as "sound" and "the flow of consciousness." Yoga is "unity" or "to unite." The practice of Nada Yoga takes us into the realm of the subtle flows of energy within our own being, using the medium of sound. Everything in the universe is composed of energy and wave forms at varying degrees of vibration and levels of subtlety. This vibration exists in atoms, molecules, minerals, plants, animals and within our own body, mind and emotions. It is this vibration which creates movement and sound. Movement and sound exists on obvious and very subtle planes of existence. As our perception becomes more sensitive and heightened, the more subtle planes of existence can [...]

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