Living Yoga: The 18 “ities”

In September 2011, All Elements began offering a "Challenge of the Week" - a call to live yoga. The Challenge of the Week is an opportunity to bring our yoga practice from the group class setting at All Elements (the learning ground) to daily life (the practice ground). Daily life continually presents us with possibilities to practice maintaining a calm and balanced perspective in all of life's situations. In early February 2012, we completed the "18 Ities" as our yogic challenge. An "Ity" is a positive quality ending in I-T-Y created by Swami Sivananda to develop the whole personality. Each week at All Elements, we explored each of the different "ities." Remember, just because we've completed the challenge of imbibing an "ity" each week doesn't mean you have to leave the ities behind. On the contrary, you can continue practicing the "ities" on your own. The "ities" are practical tools of how we can continue to live yoga in daily life. You can practice an 'ity' for a [...]

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