Living Yoga: The Niyamas

  In April 2012, the Challenge of the Week - the call to live yoga - was focused on the Niyamas. The niyamas are ethical precepts in the Yoga Sutras based on our personal codes of conduct. The Niyamas relate to our internal attitude. There are five Niyamas, five 'wise characteristics' to imbibe. See and experience the Niyamas as a reminder that our true nature is compassionate, generous, honest and peaceful.     1. Saucha (cleanliness) In Saucha, we keep our life clean and tidy on all levels: personal, living space, environmental, community, food, body, mind, emotions, and psyche. Clutter in our outside environment can contribute to clutter in the mind. Maintain pure thoughts, positive emotions, a friendly mental outlook. Saucha makes us aware of the influence of what we take into our body and mind. The manifestation of Saucha creates cheerfulness, concentration and sense control, bringing clearer perception and a vision of our pure self. 2. Santosha (contentment) In Santosha, we practice contentment with whatever we have [...]

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