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Ancient teachings for modern life


Yoga is the experience of unity, harmony and wholeness within oneʼs self and the environment. It is a science of healthy living to relieve stress, promote vibrant health and well being and cultivate deeper levels of awareness.

The heart of these teachings is to enhance quality of life and illuminate oneʼs inner potential.

Practical tools are offered to harmonize all levels of being, resulting in an internal state of peace and contentment.


all elements yoga offers high quality yoga instruction in Flemington, NJ, Hunterdon County area and surrounding areas. Instructors have formally trained nationally and internationally and have completed a comprehensive 4 year (4000 hour) teacher training program in order to become accredited instructors.

Teacher accreditation is maintained through annual attendance of continuing education courses, workshops, classes and ashram lifestyle visits.

The teachings at all elements yoga are of the Bihar School of Yoga. Classes incorporate a number of different branches of yoga. These include Hatha (physical postures, breathing techniques and cleansing practices), Raja (deep relaxation and meditation), Bhakti (kirtan and ritual), Jnana (philosophy and knowledge), Mantra (chanting) and Karma yoga (selfless service with mindfulness).